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Which high-voltage electric automotive interior

High-voltage lines:
High-voltage lines are divided into two kinds, one is the distributor to the spark plug high voltage (sub-cylinder line or points FireWire), one is from the ignition coil to the distributor of power lines, which is also known as the center of high-voltage lines (centerline or Zero Line) .
 On the high-voltage current through the very small, but the voltage across the high-voltage is as high as tens of thousands of volts, so the high-voltage lines must have sufficient ability to withstand high pressure, high-voltage working environment is very bad, cover under car hood in higher temperatures, dirt more, high-voltage lines must have a strong resistance to heat and dirt capacity.
And must reduce the radiation energy high-voltage lines to avoid interference with radios, computers and other devices on the car, Shenzhen Bang Industrial Co., Ltd. of Mao-chang licensing high-tension line imported silicone and EPDM rubber imports, both to increase the high-voltage lines service life and reduces the energy loss high-voltage lines, strong ignition power, excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference.

And single-point multi-point EFI EFI:
Electronically controlled fuel injection can be divided into multi-point injection (MPI) and single point injection (SMI) two categories.
① each cylinder multi-point injection is a gasoline nozzle are arranged, electronically controlled fuel injection number of people are talking about in general refers to multi-point injection.
② single point of injection is the use of a gasoline nozzle petrol supplied to each cylinder common use. The nozzle is generally disposed on the throttle body, the throttle body is arranged in front of the intake pipe. Single point of injection nozzle used in a small number of gasoline, and low cost. But after gasoline injection through the intake manifold, which is about the same and carburetor, we can not give full play to the strengths of gasoline injection. From the point of view of cost and maintenance, single-point injection carburetor favorable than practicality. Single point of injection without using the float chamber, and the need to press the pressure gasoline injection amount can be, but also from the control efficiency, control precision and control stability point of view than the carburetor good performance.
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