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What is Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is an electron beam cross-linked cables, rated temperature of 120 ° C, this is equivalent rating under constant temperature conditions of 90 ° C can be used for 18 years; and when the temperature is below 90 ° C, which longer life. Generally, the requirements of solar equipment life should reach more than 20-30 years.

Characteristics of the p
hotovoltaic solar energy is its dedicated cable insulation material and jacket material decisions, what we call cross-linked PE, after irradiation accelerator after irradiation, cable will change the molecular structure, thereby providing its aspects performance. Indeed resistance to mechanical loads during installation and maintenance, the cable can be sharp edges of the roof structure cabling, while the cable must withstand the pressure, bending, tension, cross-tensile load and impact strength. If the cable jacket strong enough, the cable insulation will be seriously damaged, affecting the life of the entire cable, or cause a short circuit, fire and risk of personal injury and other issues.
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