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Electric vehicle charging cable connector What kind 2016/01/15
Head of electric car charging cable for power cable connection itself, there are connectors, insulating middle joint of the oil-filled po...
Electric vehicle charging cable What types 2016/01/15
1.w type, YJV Type: PVC power cable, XLPE power cable, not subject to external mechanical forces, suitable for indoor, inside the tunnel ...
Development of electric vehicle charging cable 2016/01/15
China's electric car charging cable industry overall size and growth rate has been ranked first in the world. But widespread quality ...
Which high-voltage electric automotive interior 2016/01/15
High-voltage lines: High-voltage lines are divided into two kinds, one is the distributor to the spark plug high voltage (sub-cylinder ...
Automotive interior refit high-voltage electric problem 2016/01/15
High-voltage conversion problem on the vehicle and the ground, there are several key details and we explore. 1. Please do not "dream" b...