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Requirements of electric vehicle charging cable

Electric vehicle charging system with cable for charging electric vehicles and power connections, is one of the key equipment of electric vehicle conductive charging system, the performance of these products merits of electric vehicles for safe and reliable operation will have a direct impact.
(1) In terms of functionality, electric car charging cable is connected to the electric car and charging carriers for the transmission of electrical energy between the pegs. And modern technology is charging the charging process have higher requirements, the need to transmit information between electric vehicles and charging pile, and can make the appropriate charging operation control.
(2) has been the safety performance of electric vehicles is the focus of attention in the industry, its safety is highly valued. Electric car charging cable ensuring excellent insulation properties, based on should also have a high resistance to aging and heat wins, but need to have a good flame retardant properties, in order to reduce the damage that can occur in an accident and loss.
(3) In general, the electric car charging cable has two modes: one is placed on the car, with the support of car use in different environments; the other is to be placed in the road, shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, garages other occasions charging column. Either way, the charging cable may be subject to sunlight, weathering, oil, moisture, ice and other adverse conditions affecting, and in use, it may often be bent, drag, which will inevitably cause cable scratch, abrasion, pressure grinding and other damage. These are bound to cable flexibility, flex and mechanical properties have higher requirements.