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Electric Vehicle Charging Cable specification

1 function requires electric vehicle charging cable is connected to electric vehicles and charging pile carrier, and its basic function is to transfer power. However, with the development of the charging technology, in order to better complete the charging process, the need for communication between the electric car and charging pile, and the automatic control when necessary. Therefore, the charging process of the charging cable propose higher requirements, the charging cable has not only the role of power transmission, also need to be state of the vehicle and the battery power and the transmission of information in real time to charge pile interaction under the conditions necessary for charging operation of control, in order to complete the charging process safely and reliably.

2 security requirements at present, security has become the electric car industry to focus on content. Electric vehicle charging and discharging process, because a longer time, the current strength of a larger, high frequency cables, their safety should be a high priority. Electric vehicle charging cable to ensure good insulation performance, based on should have a high heat resistance and resistance to aging, while the combustion should have good flame retardant properties, in order to ensure the loss and damage to a minimum .