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Heyuan Environmental Protection and Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
No:3397 Baodai West Road(south side), Wuzhong District Suzhou City

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1.waste PCB and CCL disposal  

2.fragility electronic components with copper, zinc and nickel

3.solder splash with Pb disposal

4.waste mineral oil disposal

5.waste emulsion

6.acid waste

7.alkali waste

8.fluorine-containing liquid

9. Waste Polymer Solvent disposal and reuse

10.Waste Polymer Solvent disposal and reuse

11.waste halogenated liquid

12.Waste Polymer Solvent

13.waste water with organic resin

14.waste liquid for surface treatment

15.waste cupriferous liquid

16.waste zinciferous liquid

17.waste nickeliferous liquid

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