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Heyuan Environmental Protection and Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
No:3397 Baodai West Road(south side), Wuzhong District Suzhou City

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Heyuan is an enterprise committed to the development of circular economy, green economy, renewable resources, recycling, processing and re-use, recycling of green environmental protection, mainly engaged in all kinds of industrial waste recycling and reuse.
Heyuan has got qualified by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Jiangsu Province as well as awarded a license of Permit for Operation of Hazardous Wastes, license of Permit for Pullutant Discharge in Jiangsu from Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuzhong District, Suzhou etc. Meanwhile certificated ISO14001.
Since establishment of Heyuan, our team has been concentrated at studying advanced experience abroad, importing advanced equipment as well as making close cooperation with Suzhou University of science and technology to research and development technology of renewable resources. With transcend technology to improve efficiency of resource utilization, we promise to provide the better service for all types of enterprises and institutions so as to operating the hazardous waste in the legal and effective way.
Heyuan and her team desire to be your trouble shooter and to help you to achieve the first class enterprise adhere to her philosophy of "pragmatic, efficient, innovation, competitive".

After ten years of development, Heyuan has become a leader in the industry of environmental protection whatever at hardware or at software. Also Heyuan occupies a unique geographical advantage of leading in all directions of Baodai West Road and the beautiful Phoenix Mountain rearend. Accompany with leading by environmental branch and local government, great support from customer, Heyuan team pursuit of excellence, we believe we can achieve the will of Heyuan "To Be Technology Pioneer, To Be Excellent enterprise". Heyuan team would devote to make contribution on low carbon, more green and more environmental protection in China, verify mission by strength "more clean, recycle, reuse, ecological improvement)!